sábado, 21 de mayo de 2011

Last minute information from the #acampadalondres

Tonight around 50 people has spent the night outside the Spanish embassy, and today more people are coming since 11:00.

Right now more than 250 people are gathering and more people are expected along the day.

If you want to camp this night, don't forget to bring your sleepbag with you.

We are needed of :
This evening we're going to make a voting practice, and a human chain from the embassy to the Cervantes Institute.
Everything will starts at 6pm.
See you there!

Esta noche se han quedado acampando unas 50 personas y hoy sabado desde las  11 esta llegado cada vez mas gente.

Ahora mismo estamos unas 250 personas y esto sigue y sigue.
Por la tarde se espera que bastanta gente se una y se estima que superemos   
el millar.

Traerse sacos y mantas si es posible aunque el tiempo indica que vamos a tener
una buena noche. 

Se necesitan:


Estaria bien traer impresos los puntos que han sido acordados en sol.

Esta tarde vamos a tener un simulacro de elecciones, una cadena humana desde la embajada hasta el instituto cervantes.
A partir de las 6.

Esto no puede pararse.

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    Dear indignad@s,

    A initiative to put on TV all the information about Europe demonstrations has born.

    A Spanish camera in Amsterdam is in touch with as much TV channels as he can. He has got access to the TVE, A3 and Tele5 redactions and he has the permission to send stuff as any reporter does.

    At the moment, he is asking for stuff to Berlin and he wanted me to ask for the same from London.

    If you (or somebody you know) are a professional and are taking a good-quality video which you would like to run on the Spanish TV, please try to find others like you, compare your stuff and send to this guy the one that you think is the best.

    Remember he was accepted by the TVs to send videos.

    He ask for:
    -Whole videos
    -No edited, no music, no title
    -Up to 5-6 minutes
    -With some interviews
    -Just ONE video per city
    -With an explanatory text attached;
    like how many Spanish are registered in London, how many are attending to the demonstration (dates), supporting by natives, people from other cities…

    PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY NON PROFESSINAL STUFF, you just would get to sature the poor man and he wouldn't be able to send anything to the Spanish TVs.

    If you can get stuff from Edinburgh, Dublin, Birmingham, etc, it will be very welcome too.

    Thank you very much and sorry for my English


  2. I'm sorry...
    We'd like to see it on the news at 15:00 Spanish hour.
    So, please, send your stuff up to 12:00 today, to have it at 13:00 Spanish hour.

    More important having the video than having it on time (it could run on the night news)

    Really sorry...